The weekender

The weekender package from Speyside Kitchen provides for you stocked fridge and cupboards ready for your break away; holiday weekend here in Speyside in Scottish Highlands. 

Our home-cooked meals, which are produced from locally sourced ingredients can be delivered to your door and you will then have the recipe for a relaxing break.   

Take some serious time out and treat yourself, your partner, your family and friends to a weekend to memory with no worries, to do lists.  Order our weekender package and just roll up to begin your break away, holiday weekend in Speyside.  


Whats included in 'The Weekender Package?

A Continental Breakfast Pack, Supper Menu and Dinner Menu

Fresh Orange Juice, Apple Juice.  Yoghurts and Butter from Grahams. Semi Skimmed Milk.  Cereal: Muesli, Special K and Hamlyn’s Porridge Oats. Fruit Box: Apple, Banana & Seasonal Berries when available. Homemade Jams and Marmalade.  Cold Cuts of Ham and Smoked Salmon, Highland Cheddar.  Local Farm Eggs. Freshly Baked Crafted Sliced Bread, Freshly Baked White Bloomer. Freshly made Scots Pancakes and Butteries)

Choice of Meals from our Supper Menu and Dinner Menu 

(pre-order for collection or delivery. for delivery price for location will be provided ).


  • 2 Starters from canape menus           
  • 1 Main course from Supper Menu     
  • 1 Main from Dinner Menu                     
  • 2 Side Dishes  and 2 Desserts from our menus.

Ideal for Party or 2 or many more.  

Collection: £78.00 per head. Please provide location for delivery.