Carrot and Ginger

Red Pepper & Tomato

Lentil and Spicy Coconut

Strathdon Blue & Mushroom


Scotch Broth

Lentil & Bacon


Main Dishes

Beef Olives

(Yummy hand cut Beef Olives: Haggis or Sausage meat with a rich gravy)


Beef Mince Lasagne  

(Locally farmed Speyside Beef.  Layered with pasta and white cream sauce topped with Highland Cheddar)


Cottage Pie

(Locally farmed Beef, with carrots, onions in rich gravy topped with creamy mash potato).

Chicken Leek and Tarragon Crumble

(Rich and Creamy Autumn Dish) 


Chicken Tagine

(cooked in sweetly spiced Moroccan sauce with chick peas and apricots)


Chicken Chorizo Roast

(Chicken Thighs roasted with Potatoes, Chorizo and herbs)


Speyside Fish Pie

(Sourced from our own Moray coastline, smoked haddock, haddock fillet and topped with herb mash)


Macaroni  (3ways)

Macaroni with Highland Cheese

Macaroni with Highland Cheese and Haddock

Macaroni with Highland Cheese and Bacon


Venison Sausage in Red Wine

(Locally sourced venison and handmade butchers Venison Sausage)

Lamb Meatballs n Rich Tomato Sauce

(Locally sourced Lamb and handmade balls just for you ;-)!


Spicy Pork Casserole

(Shoulder of Pork, cooked with Honey, Ginger & Mixed Spice)


Side Dishes

Roast Sweet Potato & Rosemary

Root Vegetable Mash

Creamy Mash Potato

Roast Potato Garlic & Thyme

Green Beans




Winter Warmers always our Favourites

Sticky Toffee Cake served with a Caramel Sauce

Scottish Bramble Berry Cake & Cream

Spiced Apple Pudding Cake

Pear & Ginger Pud with a Drambuie Custard

Whisky Marmalade Bread Pudding

Cloutie Pudding & Cream